Presentations About NowHere
Mar 09, 2019 15:12

In September 2018, I helped put on This Is Nowhere, a groundbreaking multi-location theatre experience in Halifax Nova Scotia. I wrote all of the app and server-side software for this epic production. I've been writing blog posts about this over the last while, but I've also been giving presentations about it as well.

In early 2018, I gave a talk at PodCamp Halifax about the history of technology in theatre and some background concepts I was keeping in mind while figuring out the show. I also showed off some prototypes I had been working on:

PodCamp Halifax happens every year in January, so for 2019 I was able to do a presentation about what I actually did do for the project. I recorded the live talk but unfortunately the audio didn't come out very well - so I re-recorded it as a voiceover on top of the slides, with some stills from the talk mixed in. It covers a lot of different aspects of the project, from UX to accessibility to React Native and more.

But I didn't do all this work just for five performances. We're turning the software into a platform, usable for a range of other projects. One spin-off I've been working on as a way to show the flexibility of the platform has been "Bloomsday Halifax" which turns James Joyce's Ulysses into, among other things, a cross-city phone-enabled scavenger hunt. Here's a talk I gave at Maritime DevCon about it, on Bloomsday itself, June 16.

Yes I talked to a crowd of developers and tech experts about Modernist Literature. There's also Augmented Reality and some amusing Photoshop mashups.