This Is Nowhere: The Memento Edition
Mar 21, 2019 16:21

The thing with a live performance is that once it's over, you can't really relive it. This is even more so with a production like "This Is Nowhere" which was a unique combination of people, places, performances, software, and time.

To remedy this, we've upgraded the app and turned it from a performance-specific guide to a memento of the entire experience. If you attended "This Is Nowhere" this will be a way to remember what happened and even discover things that you may have missed. If you didn't attend, this will let you get a sense of what the show was like.

The app's main screen now shows all of the scenes / themes in the production, including some of the rare ones like "Disagreement" and "Commerce" which only had space for one or two people at a time.

Home screen for the new This Is Nowhere app

Tap on a scene and you'll get a short introduction and then three options:

Scene introduction for the new This Is Nowhere app

The Search lets you relive the GPS-powered "scavenger hunt" for the location. If you're in downtown Halifax, the clues and distance markers will show up almost exactly like they did during the live show. If you're not in downtown Halifax, you can still read the clues, but the GPS and distance tracking will be disabled.

Location hunt for the new This Is Nowhere app

The Experience lets you see what happened in each performance. It mixes the captions from the original app, pictures of the performers and audience, and the complete text of the script of each scene.

Pictures and dialogue in the new This Is Nowhere app

The Blueprint includes the complete audience-contributed "blueprint" text for each scene. If you took part in "This Is Nowhere," your own contributions to the new blueprint are in here.

The New Blueprint in the new This Is Nowhere app

If you go to downtown Halifax and manage to make it to the location of one of the scenes through "The Search" screen, you won't find any actors - but you will unlock some extra bonus content in the app, including previously unreleased details about the original 1968 Blueprint contributors and more pictures from the performance. The scene title on the home screen will be highlighted in white, so you can track your progress through all the locations.

The app also includes the full content of the new Blueprint all in one (very long) listing, a general introduction, and a list of credits.

If you took part in "This Is Nowhere" back in September 2018 and still have the app on your phone, try launching it again and you might already have the updated version. If you didn't, you can download the app from the links below and get a taste of what it was like:

Apple App Store LinkGoogle Play Store Link