"This is Nowhere" at PodCamp Halifax 2018
Feb 04, 2018 19:10

Last week I gave a talk at Podcamp Halifax 2018. It was about a cool new project I'm working on with Halifax's Zuppa Theatre. It's called "This Is Nowhere" and it's going to be part multi-location theatre experience and part smartphone-enabled scavengar hunt. I'm building the software that handles the smartphone and location-based aspects of this project, and I decided to take the opportunity of a PodCamp talk to solidify some of my thinking about the project, as well as to show off some basic technology demos.

I managed to record the talk, and here it is with the slides mixed back in and the sound spruced up a bit. I didn't manage to record the actual iPhone demos as I did them, so I've put in some stills as well as a short video of the A/R demo shot at Volta Labs last week:

(Getting both me and the slides together was an editing challenge - as you can see I had a lot of space in the lecture hall to move around - but I managed to get it to work by using a taller than usual aspect ratio.)

This was my seventh time speaking at PodCamp. The anyone-can-speak-and-anything-goes "unconference" format makes it ideal for trying out new talk ideas and getting valuable experience at speaking. Thanks to Mike Tanner and his team for organizing a great day.